Author Topic: 2 uplinks with one router  (Read 2812 times)


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2 uplinks with one router
« on: 2011-01-05, 09:29:21 »

Slightly off the topic, but anyone here who has put two internet uplinks on the same router,
with ip-address based load sharing, and using it with RRC (radio side). The aim is to utilize the latency wise better ISP for RRC, and route web switch, serial webserver for rotor control, and other not so critical services to a low cost ISP (mobile 3G). My 3G unfortunately has some blocked ports for incoming signals, so I hope those could be bypassed by using the other ISP line for input, and sending answers back on the low cost. So having separate routers per ISP doesn't solve the problem with this particular 3G provider. And in any case,
at least I would gain some redundancy and extra band width.

There are double wan port routers on the market, but before spending some 300EUR,
maybe someone has done it already ?

Joni OH2FT

PS I'm very satisfied with my RRC, using only one ISP (450 MHz OFDM system).