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supply power for yaesu MH59 typle mics thru mic jack?


Perhaps I am in minority, but would it be possible to provide the voltage needed to operate MH59 hand mic with future modifications?
Or I am wondering small adapter in line that provides the voltage on appropriate pins to power the mic?

Thank you

You are not minority...but seems that this topic does not interest to Microbit....

I've read a lot of posts with this problem without any solution.

I've just posted a similar request for Kenwood microphones....

73 EA5WA Juan Carlos

Some users have asked before us but with no answer in the forum. This is not good. I think it's an easy solution

Hi I have answered this many times before. MH-59 cannot be used, it is not a traditional DTMF mic, it has a Microcontroller inside which has separate data lines to the Radio. These datalines is not transferred by the Remoterig Use the statndard mic MH-31.

73 de mike

Yes @sm2o Mike, but you are not answering to the "power supply for mic" problem....

It's repeatly asked on this forum, but no answer from Microbit.



73's de EA5WA Juan Carlos


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