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Activate/deactivate multiple relays

A feature to be able to group relays to turn on or off two or more at a time.
I wired mine up for a MFJ-4118 Bias-tee and i have to use two relay spots for -12 and two for +12v the way their device is wired.

I would like to group relays in pair (s) with individual lockout, for operating roller shutters or similar up/down control.

Either as a fixed combo 1 & 2 is one group, 3 & 4 is one group, 5 is individual.

Or even more flexible, 1 & 2 is one group, 3 & 4 is either a second group or individual, 5 always individual

There are a lot of applications that uses up/down, in/out or left/right control and they all need 2 relays with lockout.



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