Author Topic: Mic selection--Heil Goldline  (Read 3481 times)


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Mic selection--Heil Goldline
« on: 2011-02-11, 20:39:37 »
I'm trying to use a Heil Goldline in the remote location. Rig is an IC7800. Even with codec input gain set at 63 and the rig's mic gain at 100%, modulation is weak. Based on other posts to this forum, I've left the input preampoff.

In addition, there is a loud noise that sounds like a blower. I've tried audio quality setting 11, but it makes no difference. Noise is present even when the mic is disconnected, so it is not coming from the cable or the mic itself. It is coming from RRC itself. Could it be introduced by RRC because of the full-on setting of the input gain? Or is something else an issue. Receive audio, PTT and CW are all great.

Anyone had this experience? I wonder if there are certain mic characteristics that are required by RRC? What's the best mic for the remote location?


Bob, N7IP


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Re: Mic selection--Heil Goldline
« Reply #1 on: 2011-02-11, 23:31:30 »
Why don't you have the preamp on ?

Heil mics normally have lower levels than orginal microphone so start with preamp on and codec inp gain 18 when testing, Then increase mic gain on the radio. If you do not get enough you could increase the codec inp gain as last step.

73 de mike