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Nano over VPN from Samsung Galaxy S8


I could use some help with Nano. Here's the situation.
I have been using nano successfully for several months to control my IC-7100. My Radio RRC is on a private network which is not accessible from the internet. This is for security. I have an openVpn server which allows me to establish a VPN from my android devices and provides access to the private network. I use the openVpn client on two different android devices - a galaxy S5 (android 6.0.1) and an android 6 car radio/navigation unit. Both have been working very well.

The problem came when I upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S8 ( Android 8.0.0 ). I have installed the same version of openVpn and nano as I have on the other devices, and configured them exactly as per the old Galaxy S5. However, nano will connect correctly and provide the control, but there is no audio either way. Diagnostics on the VPN server show that nano never sends a packet on the media port towards the Radio RRC, even in transmit mode. This contrasts with the Galaxy S5 which sends the media as expected.

There is a quirk of the VPN server which is that it uses NAT to get to the private network. This means that I need a packet sent from nano in order to open the return direction through the VPN server port mapping. The S5 does this, but the S8 doesn't. While that could be seen as something that could be changed in the VPN server config, the problem is bigger because nano never sends a media packet towards the Radio RRC even in transmit mode. This is clearly a problem which no vpn server config can change! In contrast, with the S8, on the S5 media packets are seen flowing, with the direction change as you switch tx/rx.

So the evidence is that somehow nano is not able to pass media packets into the VPN tunnel, but is able to send control packets. This doesn't really make sense to me, but I have no experience of Android debugging, so I don't know whether there is a low level issue on the phone.

Any suggestions ?



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