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TS-480 I/O settings


Anyone that has the right I/O settings for TS-480 SAT
All works fine except from CW keying, it only sends a long tone whatever I'm keying.

Thanks/ LA1RSA

Here is my CW checklist for the TS-480:

CW Checklist
on the radio RRC:
- under keyer settings, set PTT activated by keyer to YES
- under I/O settings, change OUT2 mode to KEYER

on the control RRC:
- under keyer settings, set enable to YES
- change other keyer settings as desired
- under I/O settings, set IN0 mode to KEYER

Make sure that the cable is connected between the radio RRC and rig's key (NOT paddle) jack. If possible,
use a mono plug on the rig side, since stereo can cause problems under certain situations (e.g. FSK).

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Hei Mitch,
Thanks so much for your help, it solved the problem :)

73`LA1RSA / Frank


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