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After reading info at site, perhaps a bit more confused.  I have Verizon Wireless Internet.  Will this work with the RRc 1258?  I would need to have the modem with me where ever I had my laptop to use the control software and have access to internet.  Perhaps I am missing something and not being a genius at a lot of the PC stuff does not help.  Thank you.  KK7XE

Just connect your RRC to your Laptop with a Network Cable and add a network bridge between the Lan Adapter and your ISPs Adapter

Or buy a small hardware bridge, such as:

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

I tested a Verizon Wireless USB device with Remoterig succesfully. I used it with Windows 7 laptop and using the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) feature of Windows.
The only problem is the Verizon internet account is limited to 5GB a month, so be careful if your account has limits.

WA2TTP Steve:
If I understand this thread correctly I should be able to log onto a public wireless internet connection, ie hotel, and plug a 1258 into my laptop lan port. Then set up a network bridge via Vista between the 1258 and the internet. Is this a correct assumption? And if so is the speed still ok to support the audio channel?



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