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Wrong device type
« on: 2019-07-21, 14:16:59 »
When I plug in my rrc-micro windows reports that it is a “mass storage device” and can’t load the drivers thus it is rendered useless and the micromanager software can’t load. I did notice that when I plug it into the USB port on computer it gets assigned “storage device E”. How to I let windows know what type os device it is (and what type of device is it) and load the correct drivers so that the software will load correctly? Thanks in advance Andy O N9FZM


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Re: Wrong device type
« Reply #1 on: 2019-07-21, 22:58:32 »
Never heard this have happened before. But until the correct firmware is loaded into the 1274B it shows up as a USB drive.
Browse the "USB-drive" and delete the file firmware.bin.
download this file unzip it and copy the .bin file to the "USB-drive". Wait 10 secs and disconnect and connect the USB it should not show up as a USB drive any more.

here is about the same procedure described, when updating the the firmware

73 de mike