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Nano PRO Lic + TS480 + Antenna Button



I purchased the Pro version of RRC Nano K today.
So far everything works quite well. Nice App!   :)

Just the button "Ant." and the handling of the dialog box "Auxilary Controls" is not clear to me. How are the select buttons meant ?
That you can switch between the two antennas is clear to me, but I find the operation of the antenna tuner and the behavior of the select buttons not very intuitive.   :-\
Unfortunately I did not find a description of it anywhere.


Can't anyone say anything about it?
Is it possible to trigger the antenna tuner at all?

I have the impression that no matter what you do in this dialog, the antenna tuner cannot be made to tune the antenna to the current QRG.

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

But - sorry - I do not find it very pleasing when you have to pay about 45 Euro for the App and then do not get any support.


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