Author Topic: RC-1216H with Elecraft KPA500  (Read 5390 times)


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RC-1216H with Elecraft KPA500
« on: 2020-10-02, 21:08:23 »
I don't have the RC-1216H yet but after reading the setup instructions I don't see any comments about the KPA500 Menu settings. In particular the RS-232 baud rate.

Do you just leave the baud rate at the default setting = 38400?



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Re: RC-1216H with Elecraft KPA500
« Reply #1 on: 2020-12-25, 15:30:45 »
HI Jack-- I run a KPA500 and RRC using the 38,900 baud rate. Works great. Could never get COM2 to run the companion KAT500. Not sure if it was me or the RRC. Gave up after a bunch of troubleshooting and just hit it with 30 watts and it tunes fine. Make sure you use a null modem RS232 cable on COM1.
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