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9 volts supply on AUX/MIC for Microphones on Mode 4


Yesterday I've realized that there is 9v on AUX/MIC RJ-45 connector in my Control RRC working in Mode 8 (with RC2000 for Kenwood TS2000) and my MC-80 microphone works, but when I change to another profile in Mode 4, I don't have 9v and my MC-80 doesn't work....

Is it possible to add a checkbox (or similar) on RRC web page to enable/disable that power supply for microphones, in Mode 4?


73's  EA5WA Juan Carlos

If you want answer from me specific, send email I don't see all postings on the forum. You can connect a wire to the 9V DC/DC converter direct if you need 9V. There is a large diode to the right of the DC/DC near the 3V3 regulatur where it's easy to solder.


Ok. Thanks Mike


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