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Nano RRC pro ICOM 7100 not working SOLVED tnx IK4VFD


good morning,

after using the trial version of the rrc nano app for my icom7100 where everything worked perfectly, i downloaded the paid version. after i do the setup, the radio connects, everything works except i can't hear audio. I double-checked all the settings on both the application and the smartphone without finding any errors.
my smartphone is a samsung a20 with latest android update.
in the end I was reimbursed for the cost of the application.
I would like to buy it back if it works properly.
Any suggestions?

Tnx, 73 Mauri Iz2mgn

when my phone provider activated call lte, audio disappeared ... just enter the mobile network options and disable that function

Thank you so much Rodolfo, now all itís working fine. ;D

73,Mauri Iz2mgn


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