Author Topic: Reach the Radio over openVPN ?  (Read 710 times)


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Reach the Radio over openVPN ?
« on: 2020-12-20, 08:37:54 »
Since at my remote location is almost impossible to get a public IP, I am trying to use a VPN service.
The service offers to each user (over openVPN) a static IP and 32 ports that can be configured to be forwarded to the RRC.
I have configured the router to forward the ports assigned to me to the RRC ports, e.g.:
Static IP myport xxxx1 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 80
Static IP myport xxxx2 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 13000
Static IP myport xxxx3 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 13001
Static IP myport xxxx4 --> RRC Local IP: RRC port 13002

Now I can infact reach the WEB interface from the outside.  Anyway, it seems the 2  RRCs cannot communicate to each other on  ports 13000-13002. In the Advenced settings (control side) I have indicated the static IP and the xxxc2-xxxx4 as  new SIP, RTP and DATA  ports but it doesn't work....

any idea?

73 de Enrico IZ4AFL / OE7AFT


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Re: Reach the Radio over openVPN ?
« Reply #1 on: 2020-12-20, 18:14:22 »

I have never heard anyone using that. I suspect that even if it works in theory, it will be to slow when all traffic is passing a server maybe in another country or even in another continent.

I guess it's better to use routers where you can setup a "local" VPN tunnel, but you need to have a public IP-address in one end to make it work.

73 de mike