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CI-V on Icom 746Pro


I could use some advice on running remote rig CI-V to an ICOM 746PRO.
I'm using the USB for COM0 on the Control end and TTL on the Radio end. I can use an FDTI usb-to-serial connecting directly to the radio using flrig with no problems. Connecting using flrig through remoterig, I receive the message that there is no connection. (Similar results using BA-1.) Looking at the serial line with a scope comparing the working and non-working configuration, everything looks good, you see the the bit stream of the sent command followed by the radio's response.  A trace from flrig using Trace support code, trace debug code, trace rig class get code, and trace rig class set code produces the trace output contained in the attached file. The trace content would seem to indicate that the response from the radio is incorrect and that the source and destination bytes are reversed. The same trace with the TTL disconnected from the radio yields the same value received as that sent so the radio end of the remoterig must be receiving something from the radio.

Did you resolve this? I'm having issues with a 746


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