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NANO Kenwood Pro problems


I purchased a new Android smartphone. Went to Play Store and picked "Remoterig RRC-Nano PRO K". It said that it was "Purchased". Installed it and set up all parameters as before. I can connect to the site, but no audio or control. (See the attachment)

My RRC1258 Control Unit works fine. Any ideas?

Joe, K1ike

Well, I found the answer to the problem that I am having. I went to the remote site and found that the RS-232 connector had come loose from com2 on the RRC1258 Radio unit.

Doing a little research, I found that the Nano smartphone software communicates commands to the RRC1258 via the RS232 connector on the TS-480 transceiver, not the RJ12 on the front of the radio. The console RRC1258 communicates commands to the TS480 via the RJ12 jack and not the RS232 port on the radio. So, this is why the RRC1258 console unit could talk to the TS480 but not the Nano app. This is probably the case with the micro dongle application.

73, Joe, K1ike


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