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I have not used the Elecraft NANO App on my Android phone for a while.  Trying it today but cannot login.  There is a new IP Address which I am using.  The App doesn't do anything when I press CONNECT and after a few minutes displays TIMEOUT  Could the Lic.ID have expired?

Frank VO1HP

Just discovered my error.  When I entered the new IP address I also appended the PORT (i.e. 156.xx.xx.xxx:364 ) for the Remote box.  That PORT is forwarded in the remote router to the LAN IP address of the RR Box.  As a test I removed thet  ":364" and i connected immediately.  How come??   I thought a had to forward to the PORT for the RR Box IP?
Can someone clarify?

FR\rank VO1HP


the app do not use the web port, the ports for SIP, RTP and CMD you have setup on another page in the app.

it's the same as in the control-RRC SIP-contact setting , you do not enter the port number  there.

73 de mike


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