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How long delay/ping can RemoteRig "accept" (connection problem)


I am currently trying to set up my Remoterig RRC-1258 MKII (radio end serial: 13952, remote serial: 13941) using a Yaesu 857D.
The radio is at mainland, and remote end is currently at an island with satelite communication. Normally I use my Remoterig setup from my home without any issues at all. After I brought the remote end to the island, and made all the neccessary firewall changes on my new remote end, I can't connect.

The "ping" here to mainland are ca 600 ms. Is this a problem for the connection between the two RR boxes? Are there any maximum delay/ping they can handle? All IP-telephony from island works without any problem, so I would not think that this is a problem.

For the firewalls; at the radio end everything is configured from earlier, as my setup is normally working when I am at home QTH.
At my remote end, I have set up a static NAT to my island IP address, and opened UDP 15000-15002 (the ports I am using) to my remote QTH IP-address.

However, when I at remote end try to turn on radio, the  PWR lamp is flashing green. I think this indicates a DNS problem, but as shown from the STATUS pictures of both boxes, they are able to connect to eachother. Also the display on radio front is slightly flashing, which normally indicates some sort of connection problem..

Any advice? :)


600ms is far to long for FT-857. FT-857 is the only radio where the ping time is important. All the other radios has no handshake but FT-857 has

I don't remember where the limit was but lets say 200 ms. With ping times higher VFO tuning is anyway hopeless.

73 de mike

Thanks for quick reply. Then I will close this "project" instead,

Best regards,


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