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RemoteRig via WireGuard VPN

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I don't own a RemoteRig working on a solution for a friend.

Two sites one is on Starlink and the other is terrestrial broadband with a public static address. All is well with the VPN resulting in routing of the RFC1918 space between the two sites. I am able to use the Icom remote software and connect to an IC-9700 at the Starlink site. And am able to open a remote desktop session to PC's at the Starlink site. In summary there is a layer 3 network pipe between the two sites.

Reading the documentation RemoteRig discovers the remote radio via,

1) Being on the same subnet and listening for broadcasts or some other L2 method to discover the radio side.
2) Using a public website which maintains the public address of the remote site due to the use of Dynamic DNS.

Is there a way, perhaps custom firmware where the remote radio's IP could be specified and let the network do the routing work?

Thanks Jay

It's the way it allready works. No hokus pokus like some other remote solutions. You either enter a LAN or a Public IP  Address as SIP contact or a DNS hostname. So it will work if you have created a LAN over the VPN

73 de mike

Thanks Mike,

Not having access to hardware at this time is a bit of a hinderance. Will push forward and give it a try.

73, Jay

I got ahold of a set K3 hardware, and it is working very well.

I have observed while in a steady receive mode a mostly asymmetrical bandwidth consumption when using a K3/0 Mini remote with an approximate 145kbps/82p/s received by the control head. When a K3 is used as the control head the control side is sending 127p/s 178kpbs back to the radio in receive mode, no VFO movement etc.

Any clues what is being sent by the control side. and it there a way to suppress.


Correction when a K3/0 (zero) is used, the control side is sending 127p/s 178kpbs back to the radio in receive mode, no VFO movement etc.


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