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Iphone 13 Pro Max Hotspot


I know others have posted about this, but they are older posts.  I have successfully gotten my Remoterig system working on my home network.  But when I attempt to use my Iphone 13 Pro Max, it simply does not work.  I have selected Maximize Compatibility to lock onto 2.4GHz.   The phone shows there is a connection.   The Microbit Manager shows the weird IP addresses, but when I click on "Find Devices", the control unit does not show up on the list.  I have tried using DHCP and using a fixed IP by typing in the correct addresses into the manager.  It just doesn't work despite the phone showing the Remoterig is connected.  Any ideas of what I can try next.  I am totally stumped. 

Nevermind  A fellow ham helped me figure it out.   I did not have port forwarding set up properly


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