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K3/0 mini. Remote k3 not start.


Hi all …
Here trying to configure it.
1st at all, factory reset of control rrc was needed due to previous pwd. Configure it, install all cabling and try to power on, k3/0 “lights on” but, no conection  sound and k3 remains off.
Checked status Booth rrc seems to be connected, I can see other party local ip and both mac.
Both k3 and k3/0 same fw version.
Suspect wrong rrc control conf. After factory reboot. Perhaps in i/o on/off config???
Help needed … any suggestion will be welcome
Tnx a lot in advance
Juan EA1X (EF1A) sends

Hi agn ...

I continue with trials and, not so good. Remote K3 still not goes ON :-(

Checked all parameters and conetions in remote K3 and both RRC following elecraft manual, It seems be ok.

When start k3mini, both RRC recognize another one IP and mac adress so, seems they're interconnected

my config attached as follows. can anybody pse check it?

tnx a lot in advance.
Juan EA1X (EF1A)

it does not look correct send export setting(html) files from both units

73 de mike


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