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Rotator and amp control question



I want to remotely control my rotator via rs232 (yaesu g800sdx) I have an rs232 interface in the rotator, I dont understand the manual around the com port settings. I assume I just want to be able to use it as a normal com port, So I dont know what 'mode' to select for the com port to be in?
Same question to control a serial control based Amplifier.

Just not sure what to chose for the mode?

the manual states it can be used transparently for rotor control

The serial ports COM1 and COM2 can be used as a transparent serial channel between
Control-RRC and Radio-RRC over Internet. The COM-ports can be used for CAT control,
rotator control etc.

it just the mode thing that is throwing me??



Set mode = 1 char by char it always works

73 de mike


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