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K3 like control and k3s radio TERM displayed


Hi everyone, I have two k3s, one of which k3s ... k3 used as a control and k3s used as a radio (remote site)
I have them here on the work table connected in the same lan, but when I turn on the k3 the k3s turns off .. I turn off the k3 and the k3s turns on completely blocked with the display on and the word TERM.
if I turn off the k3s you hear the click of the relay the display stays on but without any illuminated segment, empty ..
if I turn the k3 back on, the k3s switches off ..
anyone have any idea of ​​this poltergeist?
de Paolo ik4pkn

 :) :) :)

I solved the problem!!!
it was caused by the KI03 remote module, which houses the rs232 serial and the ACC connector.
The module only seems to have passive components but I will try to fix it anyway. Fortunately I had a spare rev.b ..
thanks for reading ...

it was very easy to find the fault ... it will be more difficult to find the inductance from 100uH smd !!!

73 de ik4pkn


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