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K3/0 Mini to K3S: PTT problem with audio-shift digital modes


Trying to get audio-shift digital modes (various fldigi and WSJT-X modes) working with my K3/0 Mini control, K3S radio setup.

I'm close (I think) but it seems that PTT is not working quite as it should.

When I start a transmission from fldigi or WSJT-X, the red TX LED's on the K3/0 and the K3S turn on. So PTT is working to some extent. However the K3S is not modulated -- no output RF.

But if I connect a footswitch to the front MIC connector on the K3/0, and while transmitting from fldigi or WSJT-X I activate PTT by pushing the footswitch, the K3S immediately becomes modulated as it should be.

So it seems that PTT initiated from the digital mode engine is working to some extent, but requires front panel PTT input to the K3/0 to fully activate the K3S somehow.

I've tried both PTT over CAT and PTT over RTS and the result is the same.

Any help appreciated!

73, Paul K6PO

Found the problem.

I had MIC+LIN set ON for USB, but that is per-mode, and it was OFF for DATA.

So turning on MIC+LIN ON for DATA, PTT over CAT now works as it should with fldigi and WSJT-X.

I guess with MIC+LIN OFF, activating the front-panel-connected foot switch directed the K3S to take audio from the front panel, which it otherwise wasn't doing? Got to say, I don't understand some things about this setup.

For example, trying to fix this, somewhere I made some change where now CW doesn't work! But, onward.

73, Paul K6PO


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