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Audio Interruptions


For a few days I have audio interruptions. Moving the VFO or keying the radio brings the audio back. Is there a way to improve the audio reliability (ot the TOS setting) or to minimise the audio bandwith ? I do only CW, so audio quality is not an issue as long as the 500Hz tone gets through.
73 to all,
Christian, HB9BJL

Hello- I am experiencing similar problems. Audio-- (both xmit and receive) cuts out momentarily every 2-3 seconds. Feels almost like the radio-end router is too busy to only give me momentary attention. Also slow response of control panel knobs and functions is intermittent and then intermittently a complete disconnect.
Remote router and connections seem to be high quality but unable to know what exactly is happening on the radio-end 1900 miles away. This has been a stable config for four yrs. Here's a MP4 file of the problem FT-8 receiver audio: https://www.valhallatreefarm.com/WB7ELY/RRC/RRCaudio%20cutouts.mp4
Setup Details:
Radio TS-480
RRC 1258 latest 2.95 firmware.
Can I fool with the jitter buffer and delay to help this?
TKS de WB7ELY Dave


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