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Difficulty Connecting to Router


Dick N4RA:
I have been using my K3 and RRCs successfully for several years.  This past June I lost my IP address when Sprint merged with T-Mobile.  I also encountered CGNAT on the "new" network.  I finally found a T-Mobile solution: a business account.  I was given a new router and a new IP address, but I'm having problems with the Inseego FX2000 gateway/router.  The radio RRC either will not connect or does so after a very long time (over an hour).  Discussions with Inseego tech support revealed a problem with port forwarding.  I've executed their "work around" several times with no success.

I've double and triple checked the RRC setup just to make sure I didn't cause the problem and I'm asking here to see if anyone might know of a reason why the radio RRC would not connect to a LAN (or do so after an extended period).

BTW:  The Inseego workaround to their problem is to move the static RRC IP into the DHCP range, apply the port forwarding rules, then move the RRC IP outside the DHCP range.

I've run out of ideas how to troubleshoot my problem.  Any suggestions?

Dick N4RA

CGNAT, Double NAT, Closed Ports  -SOLVED-

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