Author Topic: Control RRC-1258 - no PWR light, has power  (Read 1851 times)


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Control RRC-1258 - no PWR light, has power
« on: 2023-01-12, 18:00:06 »
I recently returned to my QTH with the control device. It had been left with the power connection unplugged. I plugged in the power, but the green PWR LED did not light.

Generally, the PWR LED would start blinking right away, and change to steady after a few moments, so long as the network connection is plugged in.

But now, I'm getting nothing. No lighting at all. There's nothing.

I checked the power supply. It is providing slightly more than 12 volts either unplugged or plugged in to the device. (12.1 to 12.3 volts) When I plug it in, there's a momentary flicker of the green and yellow Ethernet LEDs, but that's it. I don't see any link or activity.

If I leave it plugged in, the device gets slightly warm after a time, which seems normal.

Any ideas?