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About Feature Requests
« on: 2015-09-28, 15:00:54 »
Please use this board for feature requests.

Yes. We want to know what you guys would like to see.

There is no guarantee that every request will be implemented,
but at least we know what you guys want and that's a good thing.

Now working on for next release
- CW support
- Bluetooth support
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Re: About Feature Requests
« Reply #1 on: 2016-01-31, 15:46:34 »
I was curious as to whether the "brand" of rig was important in requesting changes?

For example:  Now that BT headset support has been added to the Elecraft app, did you also deploy it for the Icom & Yeasu apps?  Should we simply be requesting features "generically"?

Example Subject lines:

Elecraft - Antenna Tuning OR
Antenna Tuning

Any preference?

Thank  you for your work on this product - I use it every day and LOVE it!

73 de K8OI


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Re: About Feature Requests
« Reply #2 on: 2016-01-31, 16:07:09 »
Its always good help if we know which product you wish is for. Normally we implement a new 'wish' for the product mentioned first and then for the others. Since New Year I have retired from work, but I'm sure things will be taken care of as usual by my former co-workers.

Jan (Microbit)

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Re: About Feature Requests
« Reply #3 on: 2016-02-01, 10:58:18 »
In general when the features added are generic, like BT headset support, all apps will have them. But like Roland wrote, we will first add it to the version the feature request was addressed to. Radio specific stuff will naturally be added to the version in question.
Always include type of hard/software and version when asking for support.


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Re: About Feature Requests
« Reply #4 on: 2017-09-19, 12:07:21 »
Long time since the Nano's have been updated. Is anyone reading the feature requests on this Nano board?

Using the antenna tuner can be important:
For Nano Elecraft I need the TUNE button and the antenna select ANT 1/2 to work.
For Nano ICOM I need the TUNE button to work on IC-7100.

73, Palle, OZ1RH.
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