Author Topic: LOCK-UP of RRC-1258  (Read 7604 times)


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LOCK-UP of RRC-1258
« on: 2011-02-19, 23:16:20 »
I LOCKED UP MY UNIT and nothing can be changed any more.
In the "radio" unit Advanced Settings I entered:
SIP port  "50060",  the other settings were:
UDP  11000 and 12000
WEB server port 8000
With these settings the unit will NOT reset and jamms.
Power light goes on and off.
Reload FW and "reset button" also NO help.

Jan (Microbit)

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Re: LOCK-UP of RRC-1258
« Reply #1 on: 2011-02-21, 09:59:38 »
I am not clear exactly what you mean? How are you able to reload FW if the unit is "locked up"? If the main program in the unit isn't running, then reloading FW shouldn't be possible.
Always include type of hard/software and version when asking for support.


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Re: LOCK-UP of RRC-1258
« Reply #2 on: 2011-06-08, 10:45:08 »
I have a similar experience.

After setting SIP-port to 10000 Web-GUI was still fully responsive but no new changes "took". Factory reset solved the issue.