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Hello Jan,

As I pointed out in my original post, the latest version of the User Manual uses the term "RRC Manager" in many places, but it appears that this is an old term and that this program has been renamed the "Microbit Setup Manager."  The instructions on page 23 tell me to download the "RRC Manager" from the homepage but there is nothing called the "RRC Manager" on the homepage.  The heading on page 23 mentions the Microbit Setup Manager but in the text the term "RRC Manager" is used seven times and the picture of the icon shows something that is labeled "RRC Manager" and is blue in color.  However, the icon on my computer is labeled "Microbit Setup Manager" and is black and red.  The screen shots on page 24 are labeled "RRC Manager v1.0 by Microbit 2.0 AB 2009(c)" but the actual pages in the Microbit Setup Manager have a different label and a different color.  Small points, perhaps, but I found it confusing until I realized that RRC Manager and Microbit Setup Manager are one and the same thing.  I believe that all would be well if all of the references to "RRC Manager" were replaced with the term "Microbit Setup Manager." 

Thank you for your thorough attention and support.

73, Hal W1NN



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