Author Topic: TM-D710 AUX/MIC jumper settings - error in manual?  (Read 5780 times)


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Note to the developers:
I'm trying to thoroughly document various cables and such that have evolved in my stations (both fixed and portable) over time and in the course of puzzling it all out I think I've discovered an error in the jumper settings you recommend for the Kenwood TM-D710 mobile.

Your TM-D710 jumper settings are identical to the TS-480 "Configuration 2" jumper settings with Mic ground going to RJ-45 jack pin 6 (which Kenwood designates as pin 3) and the common ground (chassis and PTT) going to RJ-45 jack pin 4 (which Kenwood designates as pin 5.)

However, refering to page 15 of the TM-D710A instruction manual (the printed manual, not the expanded manual on CD) the microphone jack clearly shows the common ground going to the pin they designate as pin 3 (your pin 6) and the mic ground going to the pin they designate as pin 5 (your pin 4.) This is consistent with TS-480 "Configuration 1" and in the thread where the TS-480 mic ground inconsistenties were hashed out, a Kenwood representative said that this is indeed their standard, specifically mentioning the TM-D710. Further corroboration is provided by referring to Kenwood's cabling recommendations for Sky Command operation which can be found in the manuals for various applicable models of radios.

It is likely that nobody has experienced much difficulty with RFI due to the swapping of the grounds on the TM-D710A when used in relatively simple situations, but could become a problem as a station becomes more complex, with more pieces of hardware interacting under strong HF signals.



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Re: TM-D710 AUX/MIC jumper settings - error in manual?
« Reply #1 on: 2011-08-18, 15:33:03 »
Thank you for the info It will be changed in the Manual version A16.

73 de mike