Author Topic: Trying to get the 1258 to talk to each other Inside the firewall and outside.  (Read 18498 times)


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Iam trying trying to make progress with my install.
Hardware install was all OK we needed to correct SIP contact IP and then it all works on the local network.
Next step, from what I can see is that we addrd the 4 port forwards to his router and changed the SIP contact IP to that of the router.
With those changes in place the radio will no longer turn on.
What is the function of the "external IP host" setting??
At present both units are still on his local LAN. I am not sure if the port forwarding will work with the control box on the inside ofLAN.
The router IP is relativly constant as the router is always on, so I don't see any dire need to DYDns. Will I need to change setting depending upon where I am using the remote Inside the firewall (ie at home) or outside the firewall (while I am miles away)?
Are any of you having trouble using the remote at Hotels/ motels or for that matter any time you are away from home?
Garry K9WZB


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Are you still having issues with this setup? 

Don't know about the purpose of the Extern IP/Host, manual says it has something to do if you have a static IP, but you don't so it shouldn't be an issue...

I haven't had any issues connecting from outside after I got the right control program for my radio.  I'm using Commander to control my IC-746Pro. 

The only setting that will have to change upon where the remote (do you mean Control RRC?) is located is that the firewall will have to have appropriate and active forwarding set up for the 4 ports if you're outside of the firewall.

If you are experiencing problems from hotels or other corporate networks, it may be that the firewall has some funky rules blocking some port traffic - particularly if some of the ports are "usually" used for high-bandwidth games or VOIP products.  If you have remote admin privileges enabled at your router, you can try to change the ports used for SIP, Audio, and Control along with the corresponding firewall rules and see if that works, but I would only try that if you can actually log into your Radio RRC router because all of that traffic uses port 80 which should be wide open on any network connected to the world.  If you can't log into your Radio RRC, there's something else going on - maybe your ISP gave you a new IP and you should be using DynDns  :), or the firewall rules aren't working as you expect.



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Since the home router's web configuration also uses port 80, I suggest that one always
changes their RRC web port to something different and forward it. Otherwise, you will
always land at your router when you try to access your RRC. Obviously, you can change
the router's web port instead if your prefer.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX