Author Topic: RRC COM PORTS AVAILABILITY  (Read 17993 times)


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« on: 2011-08-21, 16:18:20 »

I wonder if it's possible to use all the 3 ports available (com0, com1 and com2) as follows:

com0: CI-V control for ICOM tranceiver (through TTL or USB in control side);
com1: amplifier control;
com2: rotor control.

In the remoterig web page ( it seems to be possible to get this combination (Replacing traditional PC-Remote control), having the radio, amp and rotor remotely controlled.

In my setup I was able to get Radio and Amplifier fully controlled but not the rotor because com2 in the control side is attached "logical parallel with com0"... and I would like to use it for rotor control.

As far as I could read in other topics, TTL would permit radio CAT control (CI-V). So I wonder, if I use it, I would be able to use com2 for rotor control.

In this case a converter TTL - RS232 must be there a scheme with wires connections available for this converter?