Author Topic: FT-897 RX/TX data via AUX/MIC  (Read 5034 times)


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FT-897 RX/TX data via AUX/MIC
« on: 2011-09-29, 23:09:23 »

I have a problem getting the data communication to work with my FT-897.

Studying the diagrams in manual I have setup the AUX/Mic connector on both RRC units to put TX/RX data on Pin 1+2 by two additional jumpers on the "straps socket" (#3:RXD and #6:TXD).

I setup my FT-897 to put TX/RX data on pin 1+2 on front panel mic connector.

I have verified that it works on the RRC-Radio and data is transferred to RRC-Control (using a separate RS-232 cable on COM2 : but data seems not to be present on the AUX/MIC terminals ?

From the manual I would expect that it was possible to get the TTL levels on the AUX/Mic connector as well as on the TTL conector - but is this somehow disabled on the RRC-Control unit ?