IC-706 and IC-703 Detached panel (mode=2)

The idea is to extend the cord between the radio and the panel using TCP/IP (Internet).  When you press the Power button on the panel, the radio comes to life at the remote side and sound and panel info flows across the internet between the pair of RRC-1258:s. The technical is the same as modern SIP-based IP telephones + a little extra. The look and feel of the panel is the same as if the panel was directly connected to the radio.

The sketch above shows my own installation. I "Remote Control" my radio station on the island Seskarö via the Internet from my home QTH in Töre or from my office in Kalix.  I have also carried the Control equipment with me to different places all over Sweden and used it portable with very good results. To my IC-706 is a IC AT-500 antenna tuner connected  the tuner has also a built in automatic antenna switch witch makes it changing antenna automatically when I moves to an other band.

IC-706 Panel at Control site

Panel mounted on an old Ericsson Speaker.