Remote control of D-star Transceiver ICOM E-2820 with detached Controlpanel (mode=9)
(updated 09-10-01)


Remoterig ICOM IC-E2820

It's not only Shortwave transceivers witch could be remote controlled. From firmware version V1.40 the RRC:s also support remote control of ICOM:s D-star radio IC-E2820. The technical solution is the same as for IC-706 and TS-480 etc. If you have a good QTH for the Transceiver you can remotely control it over the Internet from the supplied control panel no PC:s needed.  We simply replace the cable between the control panel  and the radio with two RRC-1258 units, one at the control panel and one at the radio. When you push the PWR-ON button a VoIP connection and a data channel is established between the units, the radio powers up and you control the radio as you do normally with the control panel attached to the radio. The cabling is quite simple and can be done with simple RJ connectors. Be aware of that the orginal microphone is not useable. Use a simple ICOM mic like HM-103, HM-95 or another mic with RJ-45 connector. Microphones like HM-36 with circular connectors can also be used with adapter cable OPC-589.


Drawings of the cable to the radio is available here ->  

Drawings of the cable to the control panel is available here ->