Remote control of  Kenwood TS-480, detached panel (mode=5)


The technical solution for TS-480 is the same as for IC-706. Both transceivers is built in the way that that the control panel is working separated from the radio unit it self. We replace the cable between panel and radio with to RRC-1258, one connected to the control panel and one connected to the radio. No PC is needed at all. When you press the Power button on the panel, the radio comes to life at the remote side and sound and panel info flows across the internet between the pair of RRC-1258:s. The technic is the same as modern SIP-based IP telephones + a little extra. The look and feel of the panel is the same as if the panel was directly connected to the radio. The TS-480 is even more simple to use because you do not need any special cable. You can make the cables by your self using simple and cheap RJ-45 and RJ-12 connectors.

TS-480 control panel and RRC-1258

TS-480 Radiounit andRRC-1258