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Hello Mitch, I had, in a panic, did a reset to "default" and lost the one item of "Use USB for Com 01" YES!!!  Lesson learned here. I got all working both local and remote and really learned a lot.

I have a spare RRC 1248 at a remote site and was able to test with both ends right at radio and found the issue. 

You seem to always be willing and ready to help.  Thanks, bunch!   

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Russ K5OA

Mitch, I just logged in to say that is what I just found out by reading!  Sorry for the trouble.
Still can't get the com ports to work on the control end once again but I will try more next week.

73, Russ

Sorry, Mitch for not reporting the issue clearly.  I have a local PC and have attached a screenshot (1-31-local-pc) of Setup manager 1.31 working to pull Hardware, firmware, and boot data for an RRC here at my control point.
The next two are from my remote site PC which the Teamview into and use the same version of Setup manager 1.31 but get the device disconnected, the advanced features are grayed out and gives me "always default" not default like control end does.  I then use the find command and I can see the three RCC units one is my radio control 1248 (1`, one is my remote test RRC ( I use when I go to site to test, and the 1216 on for my Expert 1.3k amp remote control. picture 1-31-remote-find-devices-looks-correct.  I can use the ip address and then browse to them just fine but Setup manager 1.31 at remote site notes as "device disconnected".

I just checked and my home PC is running Windows 10 Pro and the remote PC is running Windows 10 Home.  Maybe that is the issue!  I will get a PRO upgrade while up at the site for contest this weekend.

Sorry for the trouble.

Russ K5OA

I upgraded to get comExtra port on my control end to work per Mitch's help and also did the same on my radio end.  I am not able to detect the RRC at radio end, and second 1258 (test at remote site unit)  control end. I can with the same version see it fine at control end.
I can use the browser command but just will not detect the devices.  Looks like 1.28 or 1.29 was to fix this issue. 

Not big deal as I am working as far as remote rig on both ends but cant use the utility only on one end.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Russ K5OA

Thanks, Mitch a lot, got the new Microbit setup manager on both ends loaded and upgraded the firmware to 2.90 so got the Comextra now as Com 4 and visible.  Working out now the MMTTY is working to do PTT but only steady tone out of the radio but see the good RY on the MMTTY scope.

Thanks for the help I am on my way now back to good!!

73 and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Russ K5OA

I'll give this a try, the com3 is my Winkeyer and is working ok.
thanks for the troubleshooting utility.

73, Russ

I am having a problem after a few years without a hitch.   I can see four Com ports set up by the 1258 as 4-5-6-7 and always port com 4 was the main one I used to interface to N1mm and HRD and Win4K3 etc. but not they like com 5 and there is no ComExtra for Rtty.  I have redone many times now with any help. I have a Winkey using Com3 and did not change. This is on the K3 Mini end.
I have gone back to ASFK for now but it anyone has an answer for the missing ComExtra It was com2 once as I can see that in my N1MM config for Digi mode. On the Radio end it is Com 10 and working fine if local at site.

The Microbit does not show the 45RTTY as a section point in the I/O section like I see notes on from others. Running version 007 firmware 2.86  Like this since 2015-05-28 was uploaded to 1258

Thanks one and all!  Happy Holidays

All is well I had made error in the simplest of cable ever. Eyes failed me.  one pin off!
Great working now.  Using the RRC 1248 Elecraft Twin setup with K3/0 Mini at my home and RC 1216H for Expert 1.3K-FA at remote site.
Like the total power relay control as well as just turning it off.
73, K5OA 

Thanks a bunch Mike, I made the cable 2-7 3-8 and 5-5.
I do have the USB cable in but the driver was disabled so that must be my problem.  I will go up to site this weekend 85 miles and 20 degrees cooler anyway and be sure the special cable is good and test without the USB cable plugged in.


I am seeing I think the same thing.  I can use the local USB port and PC term 1.3USB fine but not via the RC1216H.
I also have a RRC 1248 in play on my K3S Twin remote set up
Will watch for any help.
Russ K5OA

At the Radio RRC the following configurations can be done

Out 0 mode   The output 0 in the I/O connector can be configured to one of five different functions.  I will go up to site this week and test this function.  73 Mike and thanks for the help. Russ , K5OA


I am thinking you are pointing me to the I/O config that is now set to Connect, if I telenet in I can change it to on/off and then use the push button below for the on of swithc correct.  Thanks a bunch, Mike

I/O = The input from the control RRC is transferred to the output of the Radio RRC.
Keyer = The output is used for keyer output to the radio Straight key input.
PTT = The output is used as ext. PTT
Connect = The output is activated when the SIP-connection is actice
On/Off = The output will be controlled from the ON/OFF button* on the row below.

I am looking to use the remote power on function of the RRC [logic low to K3S Acc-1 pin 8]  without the control end being powered up. Want to be able to remote control the remote site from local PC from anywhere when I am not at my home with the RRC 1258 and K3/0 Mini in front of me.  Thanks, can use Alarm wake up function but get reset to off so not able to count on it day after day.
Thanks and not a programmer so lost as to any macor or Mn commands I might be able to use.
73, Russ K5OA

Only way to go is with both on same table/bench and then add the internet.  Good advise for start up. I made rookie mistake on final install and now only have dots in cw, yes PAD out of RRC goes to Key in on K3S, 85 mile service call tomorrow night.

Russ K5OA

Maybe your browser is not showing you int info to the right in boxes for each item.

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Great post John, ordered once as soon as I looked at your article.
Thanks, Russ K5OA

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