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Thanks Mike.  That explains it perfectly..


Hi.. I have an ICOM 7100 running remotely with RemoteRig 1258MKII and that has been working fine for months now.  I added an AS1289 for remote switching antennas and it is configured and working manually fine as well.  I am having trouble getting the 1289 to switch antennas automatically via the frequency selections.  Is there a good way to debug this .. I am a little uncertain of the CI-V configuration.  I do have an MFG antenna tuner connected to the 7100 via the remote Tuner Control socket if that makes any difference.. I think I have all of the parameters set correctly but since I am somewhat unfamiliar with just how the 1258 controls the radio, I could use a little help.

Mitch..Status update.. So far changing the Web Server port has solved the connectivity problem and also making sure I had all of the other ports forwarded individually (took them off DMZ) has seemed to solve the problem.  Over 4 days of uninterpreted connectivity to the Radio site now and counting (crossed fingers and tapping on wood)

73 and Thanks,


OK, Mitch good idea .. I will set this up and send along the error messages..

Does it matter what the web port address is.. ??  Im learning much along the way so really appreciate your help...

de Mike WA1GWE

Thanks for the reply.. I am still having problems with the RADIO side dropping out after a day or so of operation.  By dropping out I mean that the RADIO unit "server" does not respond and the CONTROL unit is not able to turn on and operate.  This is intermittent and not consistent and I have checked ports, added noise filters to all of the lines, etc.  Trying to pick the next best thing to try.  Sometimes the unit will work for days, and other times it will drop out after a few hours of resetting the RADIO unit, which is the only way to solve the problem since I cant reach the RADIO box remotely..

When the unit is reset and working everything works great!!

Any ideas would be appreciated...

Does setting the RADIO side to DMZ accomplish the same task as forwarding each individual port.  Is one setting better than the other ??

I am having some intermittant problems with the Radio side when it becomes not reachable over the internet and I have to go to the radio site and reset (restart) the Radio Unit.  When I say it is not reachable I mean that you can not access the web server in the unit either through the domain name ( I am using DYNDNS) or directly with the IP address.  Usually when that happens the radio stops communicating but today I cant access the Radio Unit through my browser but the radio is still working?

Trying to track this down.. It can go for days without problems operating normally or it might disconnect several times a day depending...


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