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Hi Mitch;

OK, many thanks. So I guess as long as the mic model number and therefore pin out is the same, then I can use the applicable jumper settings.


Hi folks;

Can anyone help me with the jumper configuration for the ICOM IC-7300? The 7300 is no specificially covered in the the RRC-1258 MKIIs manual, so I wonder if it is the same arrangement as the IC-7100?

Many thanks!

Hi Mitch;

OK, any thanks - I'd be happier not to have the local shack PC running so replacing the rotor USB adaptor with a serial one would make good sense..

Thanks again for your advice!


Hi Mitch;

Many thanks for your reply and my apologies; I should have said that I am 99% CW and the reason for looking at the RRC devices is the excellent CW support, specifically the local sidetone to eliminate issues with latency.

I guess there are two options for the rotator;

Teamviewer on the shack laptop and use the existing rotor control mechanism, or
a USB to RS232 serial adaptor for the DigiMaster rotor interface

Duncan G3WZD

Hello and my apologies if this question has been asked before. I did search for G1000DX references but the only topic I uncovered didn't address my particular question.

I thinking of purchasing a pair of standard RRC1258 devices to remote the operation of my IC-7300. The transceiver location also has a Yaesu G1000DX which is controlled by a ZLP DigiMaster GS232 interface connected via USB to the shack PC. The PC is running Logger32 and N1MM so the rotator is controlled by whichever program is running.

Can the GX1000DX be remotely controlled by via the RRC1258 and the ZLP DigiMaster? If so, what is the connectivity as I see there is an RS232 port on the RRC1258 and a mini USB?

Both the shack and the operating locations are equipped with good internet connectivity (wifi and ethernet).

You may guess I am a complete 'newbie' to remote operation so thanks in advance for any advice..

73, Duncan G3WZD

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