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General discussion forum / Re: error 0 into rrc
« on: 2014-05-31, 19:25:24 »
Having the same problem here with my IC-7100, did not have the problem with IC-706

General discussion forum / Re: CW Keying
« on: 2011-01-18, 01:57:33 »
I am also having the very same keying problem (extra dit) but have another question.  I have my system hooked up as the IC-706 Control Head remote from the rig.  I am in Florida while my rig is in Michigan.  I am using Bencher paddle into the paddle jacks on the RRC-1258 Control going to the paddle jack on the RRC-Radio into the key input on the 706.  I there a simple way to configure the software setup that I can switch to an external keyer into the paddle jack on the RRC-Control and leave the rest of the electrical configuration the same?  I guess somehow it would have to look like a straight key to the 706.  Tom - WU8C

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