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Is it possible to "remove" the antenna part from the NEXA PCB and by shielded coax cable install an external antenna somewhere else in the house (or outdoor) ?

(if the WS is located far away from the NEXA switches)

iPhone App / App functions: More info please.
« on: 2013-02-27, 19:05:30 »
Hi !
Im not sure about the functions available from the app.
Can I monitor additional added (more than 2) temperature sensors from the Iphone ? Only 2 are shown in the "temp" menu (AppStore screen dump) !
The same goes for the NEXA RC switches; If I connect 7 pcs switches to the system, then I got 12 buttons on my Iphone ?? or... ?

Anyone got screen dump (or photos) from Iphone with similar configuration ?

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