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Can somebody describe how to configure the RRC at the radio side to transmit? Is there a reference for the configuration/cabling.

When using the PC-Client I observe the following issues:

a) Connection is fine and audio starts to flow

b) When pushing the PTT knob, the audio mutes but no TX switching happens on the radio side. After a few attempts of pressing the PTT, the RRC on the radio side hangs-up and can only be recovered by re-starting through the Web interface.

The same set-up used for CV-I control from a RRC on the controlling side using HRD works fine.

I downloaded and installed PC-Client SW RRC version 1.0.12 for 32bit  and the firmware up-date for the RRC-1258-CRC_v2.21_2010-09-24 today and tried again. The problem when pushing the PTT remains. the RRC-1258 Radio Controller hangs-up, looses the connection and re-boots when pushing the PTT.

Mike - any idea?

I have tried to set-up a configuration which allows to use:

a) a RRC in CI-V Mode with HRD controlling the TRx remotely, or alternatively,
b) the PC-Client with HRD for TRx control.

For a) the PC with HRD is connected through the COM2 port of the RRC on the controlling side and the TRx is connected as well on the COM2 port of the RRC on the radio side. This works fine!

However, I was not able to get-out a CI-V signal on the TTL port as indicated on Page 55 of the manual! Both RRC are configured and strapped for ICOM CI-V Mode.

Soemhow, this behavious appears logical for me as the connection from the COM2 port on the control side should end at the COM2 port at the radio side. But than the figure is misleading - is it?

For b) the PC-Client is connected through the USB Interface to the Laptop running HRD. Here it is possible to connect through the COM0 port of the RRC on the radio side and get a proper CI-V signal on the TTL-port.

As I would like to use the configurations alternatively, I have therefore configured a connection through the COM2 port for HRD when using the PC-Client. This works but is wasting one port.

What goes wrong here?

Has somebody experience using the Web Switch for Fan Control Mode?

I have a Temperatur Sensor connected on Input A (9/10) and the measured temperatur is displayed ok.
I set the wanted Temp on Input A to e.g. 25 degree.
In Fan Control Mode I would expect that for a temperature rise above 25 degrees over the cycle lenght of e.g. 5 minutes, the Fan would be switched on via Relais 1.
But this does not happen.

The Heat Control Mode works as expected. Below the wanted temperatur the Relais 1 switches on and above it switches off.

I tried this now again with Software Release: 1.10
Build   : Sep  6 2010 11:02:45

but no change on the behaviour. Fan Mode seems not to work. Any ideas or experiences?


I tested the new Webswitch 1216H with the Firmware Version 1.5, build 9th March 2010 and have discovered the following problems:

The ICOM CI-V Adress to be set on the switch can only be set to X,Y where X and Y can only be decimals from 0 to 9 - it will not ave anything as AA to FF - or as I tried 4E. I assumed then, that the setting of the adress has to be in decimals, e.. 78 decimal to match 4E hex on my rig - but nothing worked. I then tried the combination 66 on the switch and 66 hex on the rig - and it worked. The highest adress you could set this way is 79 hex- as this is the highest hex adress which would work in the combination of switch with IC-706.

Coding of the bands for automatic band switching does not work coherently. I have a strange problem, that Relais 5 switches on above 21 MHz, even if it is not programmed at all.

My set-up would be: Relais 1 (Dipol 40/80m)  - hence Relais 1 programmed to 3A, 7a - this works.
Relais 2 (Beam on 20,15,10m) - hence Relais 2 programmed on 14, 21, 2A - does not work. It will switch-on Relais 5 as from 21 Mhz onwards.

General discussion forum / DynDNS
« on: 2010-04-05, 14:32:04 »

I have tried to use the DynDNS Client in the Controller configured as follows:

DynDNS Check Interval: 10
DynDNS Host Name:
IP check Host Name: (to bypass proxies)
Own Host Name:
Username: as registered in DynDNS
Password: as registered in DynDNS

The DynDNS Client appears not to work or is for whatever reason not reaching DynDNS.

DynDNS works fine for all my other domains and it works for the domain with the Controller when I activate the DynDNS Client on the Router instead of the Controller connecting via UMTS to the Internet. I can check the up-dates being performed on the Host-Lists of DynDNS, which appear as soon as UMTS assigns a new dynamic IP adress.

What could go wrong here?

General discussion forum / USB-Interface stopped to work
« on: 2010-01-18, 20:47:04 »
Following delivery of the units, I had installed the latest firmware version 2.01 on the Controller and Radio part and using the USB interface for configuration intially worked fine. At some point of time, even so the RRC Manager reported connection to the unit, I could not retrieve or download any information from/to one of the units (Controller). I have re-installed the RRC Manager SW on the PC, I have re-installed the device driver on the PC, used another PC with the driver installaed but it appeared not to work anymore.
Configuration through the Web interface is still fine. Resetting the unit, even to the original delivered state and re-installation of the firmware through the web-interface did not bring success. I fear that the USB interface could be damaged?
Any idea?
73 de Manfred, DL5FAB

Reaching the Radio Controller over the Internet voia DSL-Line and Vodafone Easybox A 600 W-LAN router works fine with the firewall switched-off. However, the following ports are opened than:
                          Radio Controller    LAN                                  WAN       Public IP
155   UDP   5060   5060   3459
156   UDP   12000   12001   12000
157   UDP   11000   11001   11000
158   UDP   12000   12000   13930
159   UDP   11000   11000   19643
160   UDP   5060   5060   3459

I do not undersand the outgoing ports number 12001 and 11001. Can somebody explain?

I have tried the following:
Firewall switched on and Radio Controller into DMZ area. Port Mapping activated as follows:

Nr. LAN IP           Protokolltyp LAN Port Öffentlicher Port Aktiviert Einstellen
1 UDP 5060 5060     
2 TCP 80 80     
3 TCP 23 23     
4 UDP 12000 12000     
5 UDP 11000 11000     

this does not cure the problem. The Radio Controller Web Server is perfectly reachable through the firewall.

Can somebody give me a hint?

73 Manfred, DL5FAB


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