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General discussion forum / No Keyer Output
« on: 2017-10-29, 19:52:40 »
Hello all,

I have a pair of RRC-1258 MkII units for use with a TS-480HX.  I've been testing my setup and have encountered an issue.  Previously (a few days ago), the CW keying was working fine, but now it does not.  I am using a paddle on the control side, and I do hear the correct locally generated sidetone.  However, there's no keying on the radio side.  I have checked with a VOM and determined that the RemoteRig unit is not keying the PAD connection.  I'm using the same cable as before between the radio side RR unit and the TS-480HX's key port.  If I short the end of that cable out, the TS-480HX transmits (it does have VOX enabled).  Previously, when everything was working, I exported my settings from both the control and radio units, and I just did the same now and "diff'ed" them.  All settings are the same.  Here they are for reference:

Radio Side:
PTT activated by Keyer = YES (I have tried both settings here)
OUT2 mode = Keyer
OUT2 mode = Off (I can set it to On, but it doesn't seem to make a difference and it reverts to Off after reboot.  Was Off when it worked previously)

Control Side:
Keyer Settings Enable = YES
I/O Settings IN0 mode = Keyer

I'm wondering if I have a hardware fault in the Remote Rig radio side unit.  Any other ideas for things to check?

Thanks and 73,

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