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I upgraded to get comExtra port on my control end to work per Mitch's help and also did the same on my radio end.  I am not able to detect the RRC at radio end, and second 1258 (test at remote site unit)  control end. I can with the same version see it fine at control end.
I can use the browser command but just will not detect the devices.  Looks like 1.28 or 1.29 was to fix this issue. 

Not big deal as I am working as far as remote rig on both ends but cant use the utility only on one end.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Russ K5OA

I am looking to use the remote power on function of the RRC [logic low to K3S Acc-1 pin 8]  without the control end being powered up. Want to be able to remote control the remote site from local PC from anywhere when I am not at my home with the RRC 1258 and K3/0 Mini in front of me.  Thanks, can use Alarm wake up function but get reset to off so not able to count on it day after day.
Thanks and not a programmer so lost as to any macor or Mn commands I might be able to use.
73, Russ K5OA

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