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I have set up my Kenwood TS-590 Twin system and found the following:

With the Kenwood hand/fist microphone all works correctly.

However when using the Kenwppd MC-60 desk microphone the system does not go into transmit. 

Any ideas on this incompatibility?



My ISP has recently changed from IPv4 to IPv6.  The Kenwood Twin TS-590 set up has been running thanks to Mitch DJ0QN/K7DX without any problems under IPv4 but not now with IPv6.  At present, it is doubtful that my ISP would give me a fixed IP and presently I am tied into a contract with them.

I see that some have used a VPN system to work around this problem.  Having no knowledge of VPN how can this be set up, as I assume references to this on the forum are for systems running a PC and not a twin set up.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Peter G3VNH

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Connection of RRC 1258
« on: 2016-09-07, 21:29:42 »
I have my two RRC 1258 (new in 2016 with the latest s/w) working correctly on the same home LAN  and have had good QSO’s using it. This location will eventually be the Radio RRC location using a Kenwood TS-590 twin set up.  On moving the Control RRC to the operating position I cannot get a connection between the two RRC’s.  This position is for my OM (G3TIX) who is now in an apartment (no antennas etc.) and a White stick operator.

All I did from the local set up was to put my Dynamic DNS user password (generated by the Radio RRC) into the control RRC.  It does not connect.

When attempting to gain access to the Control RRC at the operating site it comes up with Microsoft Edge is asking for my user name and password.  The only passwords I know were the SIP (generated by Radio RRC) and an initial Username rrc 1258–serial number of the Radio RRC and a password with it.  On entering these I still get rejection as it says they do not match/or are incorrect.

I cannot see why it asks at the Control RRC for the Username and password of the Radio RRC.  No doubt I am missing something?  I cannot proceed further (I had reset the Control RRC) without having to connect directly to the modem at the Control end.  I did not have a long enough lead with me to do it.  I was running the Control RRC via Wi-Fi.   I will sort this shortly.

Having read many accounts of various problems I fail to understand some of the terminology e.g. SIP ALG and DMZ and how they are set within the RRC’s.

Any simple “line by line instructions and terminology explanations” will be greatly appreciated.

Peter G3VNH

I have been unable after many hours of trying to set up my twin Kenwood TS 590S. Whatever parameters I have set the 1258 MK11 do not seem to 'see each other' and communicate.   Any help would be very much appreciated.


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