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General discussion / Re: RRC Micro Connection issue
« on: 2017-05-26, 21:41:59 »
Hi Mitch/everyone,

finally today I fixed the problem and all is working fine again now. I changed the new router which was really a crap with a Netgear DGN3700. That BAD router is provided by my ISP and it allows few adjustments only and not the SIP-ALG. Despite port forwarding was correct, it blocked something.
So, thanks for your help.

73, Riccardo IK5MEN

General discussion / Re: RRC Micro Connection issue
« on: 2017-05-24, 23:16:43 »
Hi Mitch/everyone.

I have succesfully used my RRCmicro with the 1274B dongle last year. Last weekend I tried to use it again, but I found I have the
same problem reported by Serge_VA3SB: no audio, RTP/UDP audio status Error(0) and UDP cmd status Error(0) and timeout disconnect
after little time from connection. RRC firmware is 2.90 on both sides.
The problem is the same on two different PC running w10 (32 and 64 bit version) located in two different place.
No problem if I use the front pannel of my TS480HX, it works perfecty and I see no error on the status page of the remote.
But only when I start the RRCmicro this i what I see in the attached picture.
The only new equipment is a new router at new remote site; radio, RRCs and computers are the same as last year when all worked fine.
Any suggestion on what is wrong ?
Please help me.
Many thanks

73, Riccardo - IK5MEN

General discussion forum / Re: DDNS Server Down ???
« on: 2013-10-13, 13:19:26 »
Hello All,

same problem here all morning. I cannot connect my remote terminal and the status page ( is not working.

Riccardo - IK5MEN

Hello all,

all problems are now fixed with the new firmware.
Many thanks to Mike for his outstanding support.

73, Riccardo - IK5MEN

Hello all,

today I have worked a lot on my RRCs at home and at remote site, but I still need help (I'm probably becoming old !!!).
After many reading of the manual, I discovered that the Radio RRC works when the WiFi is not fisically connected (module not present); the Radio-RRC connected via ETH can update the external IP with the Microbit DynDNS and I can verify it here I can also connect my Radio-RRC web interface via internet from my mobile phone. So all seems ok and ready for remote installation.
The problem is when I try to use the WiFi card; as soon I install it into the RADIO-RRC I can see (and ping) the RRC via WiFi, but the "Dynamic DNS settings" page disappear and it only says "no settings available for this device". In this situation I cannot use any DynDNS server and is impossible to update the external IP of my provider, so is impossible to reach the RRC at remote site.
By the way, when the WiFi card is inserted in the RRC the green PWR led on the front pannel is always flashing slowly indicating something wrong with the network (but I can connect the RRC via WiFi-LAN !).
I remove the WiFi card and everything is back working again via ethernet LAN.
Have you any idea of what is wrong with WiFi module ?
Many thanks.
Riccardo - IK5MEN

Hello Jan,

I did upgrade from v2.57 and HW version is 7.
I have received an email from Mike and sent him some more information (screenshots).
Many thanks

Riccardo - IK5MEN

Hello from IK5MEN,

after upgrading my RRC1258 to rel. 2.62, when I go to the Dynamic DNS settings page via web interface I read only this: No settings available for this device.
Same message and no other fields to compile in the Ping settings menu.
This appens in both units; the radio unit only has the wi-fi interface installed.
I have reinstalled firmware 2.62 via Microbit setup manager (usb) also, but nothing changed.
Is there a problem with last firmware ?
Many thanks.

Riccardo - IK5MEN

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