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General discussion forum / Re: JT65 and Bandwidth.
« on: 2017-03-01, 01:42:38 »
Thank you for your reply. I reset the settings to you and the transmitter would key but would not transmit data. I reset I had to set RTP tx mode to continuous and not I can transmit data again. Re: the 4 Kc bandwidth i9n WSTJ-X, I can see the 4 Kc on the waterfall but can only decode 200 to 2500 JT 65, JT9 transmit above 2500 but it will not decode JT 9. This is with mode set to JT9 + JT 65. If I switch to JT 9 then the program sifts the frequency of the Transmitter and it decodes fine.

Do I understand you can decode both JT9 and JT 65 at the same time? I assumed that the bandwidth restriction of the remote rigs is the problem, since decoding works fine when I am at the K3. When I try and work JT9 and JT 95 from my remote location is when I have problems.

General discussion forum / JT 65 and bandwidth
« on: 2017-02-28, 00:54:36 »
I am using the K3/0=mini control and K3 remote to operate JT 65 and JT 9 on the HF bands. I have one limitation and that is bandwidth. The WSJT-X is made to display 4 KCs of the band so one can monitor JT 9 and JT65 at the same time. I am using audio quality 2. I would like to use 4 for better decoding and wider band monitoring. The problem when I use any quality above 2 I get breaks in the audio every half second. I  am using full duplex YES and RTP tx mode  Continuous in the advance settings. Does anyone have any suggestions for increasing the bandwidth? I have the K3 bandwidth opened up from.4 to 4Kc. Any way to use a higher audio quality for better decoding??

Thank you,
Paul, W4PFM

The error message I get is

OX0004A84, call by OX0004A8A0

Using K3/0-mini in FL to conrol K3 at home QTH in VA. The setup has been working quite well. Friday I made 25 QSOs in CQWPX RTTY contest and every thing worked fine. I turned off the rig. This morning I turned on the K3/0-mini and after a short time I got the audio alarm erroer message. This senario happens several times a month. It seems to be happening oftener recentlhy. Could the cold weather have anything to do with it? The fix is to have someone go to the home station and restart the remote site RCC-1258 using microbit. This is getting frustrating. Any one have any suggestions?

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