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General discussion forum / Re: Product differences?
« on: 2017-04-04, 00:06:29 »
Ok Mike great appreciate the reply.


General discussion forum / Product differences?
« on: 2017-04-03, 19:32:34 »
I see there is a standard 1258KkIIs.
I also see the same model number used for the K3 and Yaesu radios.
What is the difference?
Can they be used with a Kenwood TS-590G w/o major changes?
And, what are the changes, SW, FW or hdwr?


I read here on the forum that some TS-590 CAT cmnds were not available; ALC, etc. Maybe that was ancient info?
This list, generated by Ian G3NRW list all available CAT cmnds and a menu comparison between the two models.

73  Tom W3FRG


If older 1258 units were to be picked up as used, can they be upgraded using currently available Firmware?
What is the history for previous versions and upgrades?

Tom  W3FRG

Hi Mike,

Looking at the available pictures, one would never know they were different.

Good to know.



Good point.
Two boxes looks like the way to go.
The boxes look identical, are they?
Just different jumpers inside to select position, Server/Client?

Tnx  Tom


Excellent points all.
I actually forgot about using the Linear when using the Micro Dongle.
Looks like two boxes is the best solution.



I am interested in using the RemoteRig to help eliminate the latency experienced with the Kenwood KNS and other commercially available remote rig software programs that I have been using in the past.

Reading the info provided on the RemoteRig web site, it appears I can go one, or both, of two ways.

1. Using the RRC-1274B Micro at the Client and with the RRC-1258MKII at the Server.
2. Using an RRC-1258MKII at both the Client and Server.

I am planning on using my TS-590G with the Kenwood ARCP-590G Rig Control Software Pgm via a Laptop at the Client end.
The Server will have a wireless remote 4 port RF switch; KMTronics 433 Mhz.
There will also be a linear amp, which has a LAN interface.
No rotor is used, only wire antennas.
The router at the Server end is a FIOS Gateway G1100.
The Client router could be anything, a real TBD, depending on available ISP providers in the locals visited.

I recently heard a station running RemoteRig which has really peaked my interest.
There was no hint that this station was operating remote; That's my end goal.

Suggestions, setups and overall info welcome.


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