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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: Is Ftdx 3000 supported?
« on: 2018-02-13, 17:44:07 »
Forget this after a solid 2 days of testing and retesting the problem has gone away - so I guess the FTdx3000 is compatible ::)

Many Thanks for the guidance - I have had a strange couple of days!  I took the serial cables off both the RRCs and tested them all were serviceable! so I put them back and got the same result only this time in addition I could not get into the Radio RRC.  I have a number of serial devices around the house / shack so I collected the spares and replaced the new ones with others. Eventually I got the RRCs to connect and work as I expected. I retested all the spares and found nothing wrong so I put the originals back on and it worked.  I have disconnected and re-connected them about 10 times during today and they still work fine. So I now have a working system and no idea what the problem was caused by.

I did ask if anyone knew if the 3000 was compatible with the RRC but got no replies but I guess from the above results that it is compatible!

Many thanks for the guidance and suggestions it certainly helped me work my way through the problem.


Configuration, RRC 1258 / Is Ftdx 3000 supported?
« on: 2018-02-09, 17:55:49 »
I have been struggling to get a Traditional PC-remote control working and it was recently suggested that the FTdx 3000 may not be a supported radio.  Can anyone confirm that it is supported?


Thanks Mitch
I think I understand the situation a bit better know.  I am away for most of the weekend so will not get to play radio until next week now, unless I get time off by the XYL!

You have given me a line to take so thanks for that and I will let you know how it goes - I think I will attempt to confirm that the FT3000 is compatible before I start the next session.  No point in trying to solve a problem that has no solution ! ;) !



Thanks for the response. Yes all cables are connected as per manual (and rechecked at least 3 times! ;)  ).  Using the Mic PTT conected to the control RRC I can key the TX and the TX transmits the audio (I have only tested on SSB so far).  Also (on the speaker) at the control RRC I get the received audio from the radio.   That says to me that the linking between the radio via the Radio RRC and the Control RRC is working ok. What I am not able to do is to use any of the facilities in L32 ie change the Radio Freq / Mode when I connect the PC to the control RRC.  Today I hope to find time to check the Yeasu CAT drivers, (probably will do a reload of them from the Yaesu site) and see if that makes any difference.   

I have been attempting to set up a remote facility using my FT3000 / Remote Rig Hardware and Logger 32.      At the moment I have all the kit in my shack connected via an ethernet hub.  I have got the TX and Rx audio paths working and can key the Tx from the remote position, but (using L32) I am unable to control the radio from the remote location.   Has anyone got experience of this combination who can offer some advice. 
My PC and networking knowledge is fairly limited so replies in simple English would be appreciated!  I will be repeating this request for help on the L32, FTdx3000 and Remote Rig groups as I have been unable to identify the most likely problem area.

Mike G3VAO

General discussion forum / Re: Remote Rig Config
« on: 2017-10-04, 19:45:11 »
Many Thanks Mike

73 de Mike!

General discussion forum / Remote Rig Config
« on: 2017-10-02, 17:45:32 »
Has anyone got experience of using the FTdx3000, RRC 1258, Logger 32 and N1MM.
Most of the forum seems to refer to HRD Log so:
1. How easy is it to use L32 and/or N1MM
2. What needs to be changed when going from L32 to N1MM and vice-versa

Mike G3VAO 

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