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General discussion / "Timeout" Message
« on: 2012-07-22, 17:47:18 »
My client seems to generating a timeout after approx 60sec. I can restart and it works but timeouts again. Can someone help me to understand what the  "Timeout" message means and possible causes. I am concerned that the netbook I am trying to use may not be the right computer?

Thanks, Stan W4MQ

General discussion / Re: Micro PC crashing on XP v1.5.5
« on: 2012-07-21, 21:54:07 »
I am not sure I am seeing the same problem, but is sure seems similar.  Seems to stop working more frequently than 20-30 min.  When I am just listening to the radio, the audio stops in a minute or two and I need to disconnect the connection and reconnect to get the audio back.  The program is not crashing but the link seems to go dead. The RTP light goes from green to black.  We have two other users (at different locations) of the Remote Controller who using the standard hardware clients and they have no problems, so the RR Micro software seems like the culprit that is losing the link.  My laptop computer (XP SP3) loading appears to be about 10% and my uplink is 10Mbps so that should no cause a link problem.

Cheers,  Stan W4MQ

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